A Couple Great Phone Calls with Wonderful News!

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3 min readNov 3, 2020

Monday morning started off pretty early with a zoom call with UpLaunch. They are our CRM and company that is building our website. We had a quick call about how everything was going and it’s going well. Everything seems to be working how we’d like it to. I had her help me load our current customer list into UpLaunch so that way they can start on the established member journey.

I got off that call and had a message from my mom to give her a call. So, of course once the zoom call ended I gave her a call and talked for a little while. She had back surgery last month and with Steph and I getting married on November 14th we were really hoping she would be able to make it out for the wedding. We got good news yesterday that she is feeling really good and that she is going to make it out here for the wedding! We couldn’t be more excited. That was some great news to start out the day and the week!

After that I spent some time writing about the weekend which hopefully you guys have checked out already.

Then I got some lunch really quickly at home and then got ready to go to the gym to workout. I went to workout with a couple of my clients and had a good time talking with them and working out. I got chest and triceps done and the soreness was already setting in before I left.

Once I left I stopped at the grocery store to grab a few things I needed before heading home. I dropped the groceries off at the apartment and picked up Champ and we headed on our way back to our gym. When we got there I had some emails to answer and some small things to take care of. Once those things were out the way, TJ and I called our landlord. We wanted to call and touch base and get a plan together for how we were going to progress and move forward with these COVID restrictions. I have to say, our landlord is an awesome human being. He is so understanding of the situation and sincerely just wants to see us succeed. He was genuine and helpful over the phone and in about 10 or 15 minutes we had a plan together moving forward that helped and made sense for both sides. We couldn’t be more thankful for him and everything he is doing for us at this time.

After the call ended it was time to work a personal training session with my long time client and we focused on legs and abs. Always a fan favorite when they get to work on legs lol. It was a good training session and that took us right up until training time.

It was the first training that we held in our garage area and everyone really liked it. It was a cool setting and the platform and mats feel amazing. There is a lot of give and bounce and really is going to help prevent injuries and muscle soreness. It covers a huge area and there is plenty of space to roll safely. We rolled for almost 3 hours last night as a couple of us are getting ready for tournaments that are hopefully going to happen in the next month or so. After a workout earlier and a long night of rolling I was exhausted. I got Champ ready and got some red bulls and headed on our way out and back home.

Even though it was already a long day I had a lot more work to do at home and wanted to get started right away. I had to get some stuff done on my enrollment call script for my BJJ training programs. That took a couple hours to read through and watch some videos on. Once I got to a good stopping point there it was time to finish editing the videos and training course I made to get that sent off to Rev.com to put some subtitles on them. I was able to get those edited and uploaded to Rev by 3am lol. Once I got them uploaded it was finally time to get some sleep.

Thanks for reading!

Until tomorrow,

David Banko


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