Got Our Marriage License!

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3 min readNov 9, 2020

Friday was an exciting day for us. We had our appointment at the Denver Clerk and Recorders office to obtain our marriage license.

We got there right on time and got in line. It seemed pretty quiet with only a couple workers in there and a long line forming behind us.

We got called up to the desk and got the process started and checked all of the information we needed was correct. It was and only took a few minutes after we got up there. We walked out of there with our marriage license in hand and excited about what the future holds for us!

From there we went back home to drop it off and make sure it was safely put away so we don’t lose it lol. I started making some food as I hadn’t eat yet that day and Steph had to leave to get back to work unfortunately. I just made some scrambled eggs and toast. After that I got started on some work. I wrote about my day on Thursday and got that published to social media.

Then I started working on uploaded the remaining BJJ training videos to our YouTube page. It sometimes take longer than expected because YouTube puts a limit on the amount of videos you can upload in any given day. I got the daily limit reached and by that time I had to get ready and head into the gym for my personal training session. We got to work in the new finished platform area. The guys love the bounce in the platform and how comfortable it feels. We got a lot of good work done and had some fun in the process.

After the session ended I returned home to get more work done. I started interacting in the BJJ and soccer groups again as I normally do. Again posting and adding value where I can to each and every post. I spent about an hour doing that. I sent DM’s and friend requests to people who I had good conversations with and intend to build on those relationships.

About that time I got some more food and took Champ on a walk outside. It was time to head over to TJ’s as us and one other teammate were going to another gym to get some training in. We were fortunate enough to be allowed to train with them and it was an open mat format so we went to the gym to join them. It was a practice that was going to be 15, 5 minute rounds. It was great to get to train with other people and I got my ass kicked. It was a great learning night for me and I was fortunate enough to go with a lot of talented guys that challenged me, submitted me, but also protected me. They weren’t trying to hurt me and I appreciated that as a new training partner. i have a lot to take away and learn from and can’t wait to get to it over the next few weeks and months.

By the time we left I was completely exhausted. I got home and took a shower and didn’t make it much longer than that. I passed out on my recliner with my laptop in my lap trying to get some work done and it just wasn’t happening. I was too tired to even get into bed.

Thanks for reading!

David Banko

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