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2 min readAug 21, 2020

What an exciting day it was today!

So, we had been in contact with a seller who had a bunch of gym equipment he was ready to sell. We actually went out to look at it yesterday to take pictures and find out exactly what he had and was willing to part with. It was a very informative trip and one that I am very happy we decided to take. That trip alone saved us thousands of dollars. Why? Because after we went to check it all out we went back and got to work. We actually started working on that part this morning because Tony Robbins course went until midnight last night!

Anyway, so we got to work this morning and what we wanted to accomplish was researching each specific item to find out the retail price and if we could find that particular piece available elsewhere. We knew his price was a good deal but we felt that we could do better. He was selling a package of equipment, 12 pieces in total, and a few individual items as well. The couple individual items we wanted were amazing deals and we were ready to jump on them right away. Our research really focused on the equipment in the package of 12. Luckily we found a deal online that was selling the same brand of equipment and almost the exact same pieces as this guy was for over $4,000 less.

So of course we took advantage and used this in our negotiations.

We messaged him and told him we were interested in the 12 piece pack and 3 other items and that we found a better deal online but we would rather buy from him and if he was willing to match that offer. Well he responded with wanting to see the link to prove it was true, which I would have done the same thing, and luckily for us he agreed!

So, putting in a little bit of work and research saved us all together about $5,000. With the equipment we already have and what we just added today we can open up a gym right now and have it fully stocked! This purchase was a HUGE step in making our dream a reality. Taking another step closer and that’s why we take things one day at a time and are always staying alert and ready to jump on an opportunity when we see one.

Well, it was also a busy, busy day with Tony Robbins business mastery course day 2 which is why i’m up super late right now but I wanted to share this story with you guys tonight. I get started bright and early for another 14 hour day tomorrow so I gotta get some rest here.

Until tomorrow,

David Banko

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