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2 min readNov 12, 2020

Tuesday got off to a late start as I was up late on Monday and I didn’t sleep well at all. I woke up and made me a late breakfast.

I got started on my day with answering some emails, follow up questions on some of our equipment, and putting together a spreadsheet of all of our bills for the gym.

That work took me up until the time I had to head to the gym to work with my boxing and kickboxing clients. I got there and we worked our usual 12 rounds as always. We started to incorporate some defense and that required me to start throwing some kicks at them. Throwing kicks in an effort to make them defend and react accordingly. It adds in an extra element of training so that they’re not always just on the attack. It makes them throw their strikes with good technique to get back in position and ready to defend. They really like that element of things and was happy to get back to throwing some kicks. It’s been a few months since I’ve gotten to so it was nice.

After the session I came home and got some work done on the online trainer academy. I had a live call I listened to, worked through some call scripts, and interacted in a lot of the Facebook groups. All of that took me a couple hours and by that time I packed up Champ and started to head over to the gym to get ready for training. I coordinated with TJ to put together a leg workout for the guys. It was good to coordinate with him and get ideas that we could use and make it specific to BJJ athletes.

Once everything was set up we got ready and got everyone started. We spent about an hour and fifteen minutes working through all of the exercises we put together. We got a lot of good training done and they were feeling good afterwards. I couldn’t wait to see how they felt in a couple days to see how to make things better. There’s always room for improvement and getting feedback is vital to growing and improving.

Anyway after training was over I got Champ packed up and started on my way home. I had to get home, eat, and shower relatively quickly because I had a 7am session coming up on Wednesday so I needed to make it an early night.

Thanks for reading!

Until tomorrow,

David Banko

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