Productive Content Production Day Even with a Late Start

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2 min readNov 7, 2020

I got a late start to my day on Thursday as I was up so late on Wednesday night. Nevertheless it still turned out to be a productive day.

I woke up and made some breakfast and then got to writing. I told my story and shared it on social media. Once it was posted I then started interacting the BJJ and soccer groups on Facebook. Making more contacts and starting to send direct messages to people I think I can help. I want to make sure I am giving as much help as I can to the people within these groups. Every day I try to go in there and provide value without asking anything in return.

I went to get a workout in about 130. It was back and biceps day. I started off with a 6 minute cardio round on the bike and treated that as my warm up and first conditioning exercise. After I was warmed up I worked through the rest of my program for the day. It took about an hour and I felt great after the workout.

I spent a coupe hours at home editing more videos for the soccer program and more instructional BJJ videos to get them uploaded to YouTube. It took a couple hours and by that time I had to go to the gym for my next training session. It was with my hybrid client. Meaning in person and mostly online training. It was time to adjust her workouts to a 5x5 sets and reps for the next 4 weeks and then we will assess and adjust from there if needed. She is enjoying the program so far and seeing some results. I am excited to keep working with her and keep the results coming.

After the session ended I packed up Champ and headed back home to get started on more work.

I had to edit more videos and that took up a good chunk of time. It is well worth it though as they are now done and can be used for many people to benefit from. That is what we want. Providing valuable content that people can benefit from and progress themselves forward with.

I made a soccer speed training post on my social media late at night to keep up the good habit I am trying to build. It talked about some speed ladder drills and how it is a good complement to training but should not be the focal point of it.

By the time I got through all of that it was again about 3am so I had to get some sleep. Still got a ton done throughout the day even after a late start.

Thanks for reading!

Until tomorrow,

David Banko

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