Solid Training Day and More Instructional Videos Done

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2 min readNov 5, 2020

Wednesday was a good training day. I woke up and made some breakfast, scrambled eggs, toast, and some fruit. I sat down and wrote about my day on Tuesday and got that published.

After publishing the story I started interacting in some Brazilian Jiu Jitsu groups on Facebook. Everyone is really helpful in those groups and I just try to provide some help and advice for them whenever they ask questions. I’ve made some friends already and looking forward to growing those friendships in the future.

From there I went into the gym to get a workout. I did a cardio round on the bike to start and get warmed up. Then I did some leg exercises. I started with the trap bar deadlift, some calf raises, straight leg deadlifts, among others. I did some power work using a 20 pound slam ball and slamming it into the ground in sets of 10. Pushing myself to use it as a conditioning exercise as well.

After the workout I came home and took Champ outside. He wasn’t coming with me to the gym today so I had to get him outside for a walk. I headed over to the gym and got ready for my personal training session at 430. We were going to do an hour of pad work today to focus on conditioning and core work. We had a good time working on the new platform and mats. They feel great and the workout space is really nice. It’s awesome to have that come together.

Right from there it was time for practice. We did our breathing exercises to start and then went over more attacks and options from the pendulum sweep. We focused on that for the day. We also worked on some takedowns as some of us are getting ready for tournaments coming up. It was a good practice and we got some extra work in at the end.

After class ended TJ and I stayed behind for a couple more hours to film more of our arm bar course. We got about another 30 minutes worth of content. It was well worth it and we have a lot of good instructional videos for our team and others interested in BJJ.

Once I got home it was almost 11. I took a quick shower and then got to editing some videos and getting them up on our YouTube channel. That took me well into the night and then it was time to get some sleep.

Thanks for reading!

Until tomorrow,

David Banko

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